Artist/Band  Album/Project Credits
Adam Berry Dirty Road Engineer
Adam Berry Turn It Around Engineer
Alico MNAC records Producer, Engineer
Beat Temple Hand of Mercy Engineer, Mixer
Beyonce Knowles Dangerously In Love Engineer, Guitar
Beyonce Knowles Dangerously In Love (Import Bonus Tracks) Engineer, Guitar
Beyonce Knowles Dangerously In Love (Austrailia Bonus Track) Engineer, Guitar
Bickley Pogo Au Go-Go Engineer, Mixer
Bickley Kiss the Bunny Engineer, Mixer
Black Kite Dark Details Vocal Producer, Mixer
Blunt Further Producer, Engineer
BLSHES Hold On Mixer
Brian Jack Give Me Some Room Mixer
Chadd Thomas Shake Alive with Chadd Thomas Engineer
Clay Walker Say No More Engineer
Clay Waliker A Few Questions Engineer
Incidental Music for the television series "American Made" CNBC Network Song Writer, Producer
Culturcide Year One Engineer, Mixer, Guitar
Culturcide Tacky Souvenirs of Pre-Revolutionary America Engineer, Mixer, Guitar
Culturcide Short CD Engineer, Mixer, Guitar
Culturcide Home Made Authority Engineer, Guitar
David Brake Lean, Mean, Texas Machine Engineer, Mixer
David Olivares Discos MM Engineer, Editing
De Sangre Principio y Fin Engineer, Mixer
Del Valle El Sueno Americano Editing
Destiny's Child The Writing's on the Wall Engineer
Destiny's Child The Writing's on the Wall (Australia Bonus CD) Engineer
Destiny's Child Survivor Vocal Engineer, Mixer, Guitar
Destiny's Child Survivor (Bonus CD) Vocal Engineer, Mixer, Guitar
Destiny's Child Survivor (Japan Bonus Track0 Vocal Engineer, Mixer, Guitar
Destiny's Child Survivor (Bonus Remix CD) Vocal Engineer, Mixer, Guitar
Destiny's Child This is the Remix Engineer, Mixer
Destiny's Child This is the Remix (Australia Bonus Track) Engineer, Mixer
Destiny's Child MTV's The Road Home Engineer
Destiny's Child Charlie's Angels Motion Picture Soundtrack Engineer, Mixer
Enrique Iglesias "Be With You" Remix Remixer
Erich Avinger Poets, Misfits, Beggars and Shamans Engineer, Mixer
Faceplant Get Some Engineer
Fito Olivares Phonovisa Records Engineer, Mixer
Mark Flood Assorted Art Opening Invitation Songs co-Producer, Engineer, Guitar, Keys
Fondue Monks Baila Toca Producer, Engineer, Mixer
Glenna Bell Nobody's Girl Engineer, Mixer
I-45 Lost Between the Lines Producer, Engineer, Mixer
Kelly Rowland Down to Earth Motion Picture Soundtrack Mixer, Vocal Engineer, Guitar
Last Summer Remember Those Days Engineer, Mixer
Laurie Foxx Lucky Me Engineer, Mixer
Laurie Foxx Curiosity Killed the Cat Engineer
Lil' Wayne Cash Money Records Engineer
Liquid I Waves of Rain Producer, Engineer
Los Skarnales Vatos Rudos Producer
Luxurious Panthers Roll Panthers Roll Producer
Luxurious Panthers Texas Tragedy Engineer
Little Wayne Cash Money Records Engineer
Anne Loo Perfect Rainy Day Engineer, Mixer, Arranger, co-producer, guitar, SK-1
Lyle Lovett Houston Contemporary Arts Museum Engineer, Mixer
Iris McAlpine to be released Producer/Engineered & Mixed with Steve Christensen
Mack 10 Cash Money Records Engineer
Maggie Walters To Be Released Producer, Instrumentalist, Engineer, Mixer
Mannie Fresh Cash Money Records Engineer
Mark Needs a Chick 12:34 Producer,Engineer, Mixer
Mark Needs a Chick All Alone Engineer
Clay Melton Timings Everything (single) Producer, Mixer
Michelle Williams Heart to Yours Engineer
Middlefinger Digitus Impudicus Mixer
Mirahj Behind Closed Doors Mixer
Moscas Vertigo Engineer, Mixer
Moses Guest Moses Guest Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Guitar
Pain Teens Born in Blood Mixer
Paris Green Neptune Wide Engineer
Penetrate Ground Broken Engineer, Mentor, Mixer
Joyce Pierce (5th Dimension) 24/7 Intimate Praise Producer, Engineer, Mixed with Steve Christensen
Project Pop Star Music World Entertainment Producer, Song Writer
Rachel Buckman Rounder Records Engineer, Editing
Resurgents A.D. Refuse to Be Engineer, Mixer
Sarah Sharp Fourth Person Co-Producer, Mixer, Engineer
Sarah Sharp Out of Nowhere Mixer
Sarah Sharp Fight or Flight Co-Producer
Secret Agent 8 Secret Agent 8 Producer, Engineer
Secret Agent 8 Start. Action. Stop Producer, Engineer
Secret Sunday Secret Sunday Engineer
Seventh Day Sky Blinded by Life Engineer, Mixer
Smashmouth Take Me Out to the Ballgame (side) Asst. Engineer
Snydley Whiplash Infoslam Engineer
Solange Knowles Osmosis Jones Motion Picture Soundtrack Engineer
Southpark Mexican Last Chair Violinist Engineer, Guitar, co-producer
Stinkerbell Hissy Fit Producer
Southern Backtones Los Tormentos De Amor Vocals, Engineer, Mixer
Southern Backtones The Formula Producer, Engineer
Southern Backtones 'The Southern Backtones Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Instrumentalist
Stabin Cabin I Blow What You Did Last Summer co-Producer, Engineer, Guitar, Keys
Stabin Cabin Stabin Cabin co-Producer, Engineer, Guitar, Keys
Steve Jamail Byzantium Engineer, Mixer
Sugar Shack Charmer Producer
30FootFall Ever Revolving, Never Evolving Engineer, Mixer
Thanx But No Thanx Stay Tuned Producer, Engineer
Thanx But No Thanx Strike 2, No Balls Engineer
The Tie That Binds Slowly Sinking Under Engineer
Tribu de Ixchel Crema Latina Co-Producer, Engineer, Mixer
Tribu de Ixchel Entre Mundos Co-Producer, Engineer, Mixer
Two Star Symphony Live Show - No Hidden Meanings Producer, Guitar, Bass, Keys
Ultramagg Ultramagg Producer, Engineer
Ultramagg Summer's Not Over Co-Producer, Engineer
Various Artists Down Home Christmas (Fonovisa) Engineer, Assistant Producer
Various Artists Blazin' Hip Hop and R&B Engineer
Various Artists Emo Diaries, Vol. 3: Moments of Truth Engineer
Vatos Locos Vatos Locos Engineer
Waynesboro Sounds That Once Divided Producer, Engineer, Mixer
Winter Wallace Holiday Producer, Engineer, Mixer with Steve Christensen
"The Legend of William Tell" film score by Jeff Walton TAG Entertainment (2006) Mixer
"Hitman's Code" film score by Jeff Walton Artist View (2004) Mixer
Jeff Walton many different soundtracks and films scores! (Jeff is the best) co-Producer, Engineer, Mixer, Guitar, Keys
The Wheel Workers Past to Present co-Producer, Engineer, Guitar, Keys
The Wheel Workers Citizens co-Producer, Engineer, Guitar, Keys
The Wheel Workers "Right Way to Go" - Single co-Producer, Engineer, Keys
The Wheel Workers "Silly Boy" - Single Producer, Engineer, guitar
JJ Worthen KPRC Television, 'Gimme the Mic' Producer, Engineer, Guitar, Keys
Yamisse To Be Released Song Writer with Yamisse, and Ralz Matais, Producer
Rozzano Zamorano Eudamonia Producer, Engineer, Mixer
ZZ Top Recycler Engineer (Uncredited)
ZZ Top "Reverberation" on 'Where the Pyramid Meets the Eye' tribute to Rocky Ericson Engineer, Mixer (uncredited)